Green Construction

Sol Coast Construction – Builders of Custom Artisan Homes

“Builders of the first Energy Performance Score Home in the County”

Contacting Sol Coast Construction is your first step to responsible green building for your new or existing home. Sol Coast Companies are certified Energy Trust Of Oregon Existing Home and New Home Trade Allies.

Green Building options:

  • Passive Solar Design
  • Living Roofs
  • Rainwater & Greywater Systems
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Cost Incentives
  • Home Energy improvements
  • “Net Zero” new construction
  • Customization for your site ecosystem


Sustainable development involves creating a building or home that uses less energy, water and natural resources, creates less waste and is healthier for those living or working in the structure. Ask about cost incentives currently available.

Sol Coast is an “Existing Homes” Trade Ally

Energy Assessments and Single Source Upgrades are the way to get started with making your existing home more energy efficient! Click here to find out more about what Sol Coast can do as an Energy Trust Of Oregon Existing Homes Trade Ally

Energy Trust “New Home” Trade Ally

Sol Coast Companies are builders of custom artisan homes and are a certified “New Home” Trade Ally with the Energy Trust of Oregon. Explore different building paths and get ideas for your new home construction by reviewing our web site and contacting us today.

Home Design and Consultation

Our in-house designer is certified in Sustainable Home Design by the Earth Advantage Institute. With professional engineering staff we are poised to complete comprehensive design and permit packages as well as consult with your primary designer or architect. We proudly partner with Bandon Drafting and Design for many of our projects, and source most all of our contractors, labor and supplies as locally as possible.